If you are looking for a fun alternative to drinking plain water, you may want to try some flavored non carbonated waters. These options are not only tasty, they are also a good source of antioxidants. Plus, there are several brands that offer this type of drink, so you will definitely be able to find something that suits your tastes.

Clear Fruit

If you are in the market for a new beverage, you might want to consider Clear Fruit flavored non carbonated water. This sparkling water is not only great for your health but it has an assortment of flavors to choose from. For instance, if you are craving a fruity drink, you can try their mango infused beverages.

Clear Fruit’s aficionado line features a selection of more than a dozen flavors. The brand is known for its top-notch ingredients and it’s clean label credentials are a plus. In fact, they boast of a certified organic infused beverage. You can find their offerings in stores nationwide and Europe.

What’s more, they are sold in a variety of sizes to fit your pocketbook. Some of the company’s most popular varieties are their kiwi strawberry infused beverage and pomegranate flavored sips. While the company has a plethora of choices, the best way to go about selecting a flavor is to consult your own palate.

One of the most exciting things about flavored non carbonated waters is the sheer number of flavors available. While most companies offer the same ol’ basics, you can often find some more creative elixirs.

Polar Seltzer

If you are looking for a sparkling water alternative, you should try Polar Seltzer flavored non carbonated water. This drink is affordable, clean, and has no sugar or caffeine.

Polar’s flavors are all natural, derived from fruit essences. It is also gluten free, vegan, and kosher.

Polar Beverages, the manufacturer of the brand, has been producing seltzer for over 135 years. It is a family-owned business in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Polar Seltzer flavored non carbonated waters come in a wide variety of flavors. The company has a line of kid-friendly beverages, as well as core and seasonal flavors. These drinks are available all year round, and each flavor comes in small and mini 8 oz. aluminum cans.

The core flavors include Pineapple Pomelo, Blueberry Lemonade, and Triple Berry. However, Polar also offers 18 other flavors. They include Ginger Lime, Unicorn Kisses, and Dragon Whispers.

Polar’s flavors are inspired by the food of the moment. For example, in 2020, their summer flavors included Raspberry Rose and Strawberry Margarita.

Polar has a large following. Fans of the brand post pictures of their favorite Polar products on social media. And when it comes to discontinued flavors, fans flock to stores to buy the last pack.


When it comes to flavored water, H2Rose has earned its place in the beverage industry with its clever blend of ingredients. It is a naturally sweetened drink that aims to promote both a healthy digestive system and a happy mind. Whether you’re thirsty for a refreshing drink or want to try a new flavor, H2Rose offers a great tasting option at an affordable price.

The H2Rose branded non carbonated water is made with real fruit juice and organic evaporated cane sugar. Its special cap makes it easy to shake and enjoy. This drink also contains antioxidants to help your body function at its best.

The H2Rose non carbonated water is available in four flavors. For a healthy alternative to your favorite soda, try the Wild Berry flavor. The beverage boasts the benefits of rose water, saffron, and organic evaporated cane sugar.

The CORE Organic flavor is a low-calorie, low-glycemic drink that combines the health benefits of a half-cup of blackberries with the taste of rose water. These antioxidant-rich drinks are not only tasty, they’re also eco-friendly and OU-kosher.


For those looking for a calorie free alternative to the soda, a can of Perrier flavored water is a tasty cocktail option. The brand traces its roots back to 1863, and today the company produces more than two million bottles each month. You can find the brand in Canada, France, and the U.S. Among its many innovations, the brand carries a patented technology that creates a carbonated beverage that can be diluted with water for a deliciously crafted drink. Besides the fact that it can be enjoyed on the go, the brand has a slew of interesting flavors, including the aforementioned cucumber and lemon.

Using the best available ingredients, the brand produces an award winning bottle of bubbly. Not only is the product an interesting alternative to the traditional soda aficionado, but it also satisfies a consumer’s thirst for superiority. As such, it is no wonder the company is a major player in the high-end mineral water game.

The company’s flagship product, Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, boasts a balanced mineral content with zero calories, sugar, or artificial sweeteners. In addition to its sparkling capabilities, the water has been infused with natural herbs and teas. Its baffling namesake can be found in 24 sleek and slim cans.

Glaceau Soywater

Flavored water aficionados can choose from a number of brands, each with their own set of benefits. Some are naturally derived, while others are artificially flavored and laced with acids and flavoring agents. These are not without their own shortcomings, however. For instance, you may be surprised to find that sodas aren’t the healthiest of beverages.

In addition to the usual suspects, the likes of Coca-cola has diversified its portfolio by adding a new flavored water to its portfolio. Specifically, it will be introducing a line of fruitwaters in April. While the idea of guzzling fruit infused water may sound appealing, the actual ingredient is more mundane than your average grocery store variety. To top it all off, the beverage will contain an artificial sweetener, sucralose, which is a badass for an otherwise healthy beverage.

Having said that, the true test of a flavored water is whether or not it really tastes good. The best bet is to try out a number of brands before you settle on a favorite.

Nutraceutical waters

Increasing demand for healthier beverages has led to the introduction of flavored non carbonated water. These beverages provide an alternative to regular water and are available in different forms and formats.

The global market for flavored non carbonated waters is expected to expand during the forecast period. This segment is growing rapidly due to health concerns and increasing awareness about nutritional benefits.

These beverages are also available as a healthy beverage option for restaurants and bars. They offer a variety of options, including organic, natural, and GMO free. Moreover, they are easy to prepare and enjoy.

These beverages contain various flavors and additives, such as citrus, herbs, and aromatic substances. They are designed to deliver specific health benefits.

These beverages are regulated by the FDA. Their health claims include boosting energy, improving stamina, and detoxification. However, they should not replace the average daily water intake.

A survey was conducted to identify the preferences and health expectations of consumers. Most respondents were female. It was found that 58% of them seek healthy choices and prefer flavored beverages.

Suja’s Pressed Probiotic Water

Suja’s Pressed Probiotic Water is a non-carbonated flavored water that is available in four flavors. Its flavor is made with a mix of fruit, vegetables, and probiotics. The ingredients are non-GMO and vegan. Each bottle contains two billion colony-forming units of vegan probiotics.

For a refreshing new flavor in a beverage that’s easy to drink during the day, Suja Pressed Probiotic Water is a great option. You can get a 14.5-ounce bottle for $2.99. With 10 calories, one gram of sugar, and 2 billion colony-forming units of vegan probiotics, you’ll get a healthy boost to your gut without a ton of added calories.

Target is offering the Suja line of pressed waters for six months. They’re available in Raspberry and Strawberry flavors. These juices have 30 percent of the recommended vitamin C intake.

Suja’s press waters also feature Ganeden’s BC30 strain of probiotics. A high-pressure chamber is filled with cold water and then the bottles are placed into the chamber. This process kills harmful bacteria and helps preserve nutrients.

Suja’s press waters are made from organic, non-GMO ingredients. Each bottle is BPA-free and recyclable.


Talking Rain is a privately held beverage company in Preston, Washington. The company manufactures and distributes flavored non carbonated water, sparkling waters, and fruit juices.

The company’s flagship product is Sparkling Ice flavored sparkling water. The brand has 17 flavors. The company produces a variety of other beverages. For example, it makes airwater (TM), which is a blend of 100 percent oxygen and pristine artesian spring water. It also has TRE, which is a non-carbonated water infused with electrolytes and antioxidants. Lastly, the company’s Sparkling Essence line features a range of flavors without artificial sweeteners.

Several food and beverage manufacturers have responded to the demand for clean labels and more healthy foods by removing artificial ingredients from their products. As a result, consumers are choosing healthier options.

TalkingRain is a great example of this trend. They’ve produced five health-conscious lines of beverages. These include a branded TRE, a line of flavored non carbonated water called Diet ICE Botanicals, and sparkling spring waters with fruit juice. In addition, the company recently launched an enhanced water called Airwater.


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